• There are many good reasons to learn more about a prospective employee before you make an offer, or a prospective tenant before you sign a lease. There are also many good reasons for due diligence when considering a prospective business partner, vendor or other business relationship.

    BCI can provide a thorough, discreet, legally compliant review, including document checks, field interviews, surveillance and other techniques. This can be a simple criminal check, using resources not available to the general public. Or it can be an extensive due diligence investigation, including field interviews and document checks, on an individual or organization.

    When fraud or other activity is suspected, such as workers’ compensation, disability or other insurance or workplace issues, we can provide discreet investigations, including electronic and personal surveillance. Our investigators are experienced in both civil and criminal matters.

    Our investigation and screening services include:

        • Background screening, both simple and in-depth
        • Due diligence on individuals and entities
        • Nannies & Domestic help background checks
        • International and Domestic Background Checks
        • Tenant checks
        • Insurance/ workers’ compensation investigations
        • Surveillance
      • Missing persons and witness location
      • Interviewing and statement taking
      • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)
      • Computer crime and identity theft
      • Personal matters


    • We helped a state agency identify more than $650 million in healthcare fraud by doctors, hospitals and clinics.
    • Using undercover operatives and other tactics, we uncovered and documented a 12-person theft ring in a warehouse of a major drugstore chain.