Pamela (Penny) Biondo, President/Chief Executive Officer

Penny is a skilled operations manager and business development expert, with extensive experience in human resource management and marketing. She understands and recognizes the factors that signal employee theft and fraud. She oversees BCI’s Mystery Shopping program, which benefits from her knowledge of operations and customer psychology.

Joseph W. Biondo, Vice President/Managing Partner

Joe has more than 30 years of experience in loss prevention, security, healthcare fraud detection, counterfeiting/piracy and intellectual property rights. He co-founded and led Iversen & Biondo Associates, a successful private investigative and security consulting firm. He later merged that firm with Summit Security, continuing to lead the organization until 2013.

William V. DeCandido, Vice President/General Counsel

Bill has 20+ years providing legal guidance to small and mid-sized firms, helping them meet compliance standards in many industries. His firm has resolved more than 1,400 legal matters, including complex litigation and compliance issues.