Private Investigation

BCI investigative services include a wide array of surveillance,
undercover and forensic measures that work in conjunction with
our background screening and loss prevention services to reduce our clients’ exposure to risk, losses, theft, non-compliance and fraud.

BCI’s investigative team consists of a well-trained and diverse group with backgrounds in law enforcement (local, state and federal) specializing in organized crime fighting, undercover operations, corporate and government fraud, as well as licensed private investigators specializing in loss prevention. We have a long track record of working with law enforcement when requested, and maintain liaisons within many different law enforcement agencies which can be leveraged to our client’s advantage.


Our undercover investigative professionals assess and audit
internal operations in the most discreet way, exposing and
reducing risks associated with fraud and theft.

We provide detailed investigative reports and immediate notification of criminal activity in order to:

  • Prevent loss
  • Increase legal protections against internal and external crimes
  • Ensure compliance and expose threats
  • Provide superior return on investment


Our surveillance services span both personal and electronic surveillance. Our highly trained professionals all have experience in the field, and can help you achieve surveillance goals for both internal and external purposes, where implanted video cannot reach.Our video systems can help protect assets and uncover fraud as part of our theft investigations, and are expertly installed and maintained.


When fraud or other activity is suspected, such as workers’ compensation, disability or other insurance or workplace issues, we can provide discreet investigations, including electronic and personal surveillance. Our investigators are experienced in both civil and criminal matters.

Other investigations include:

  • Internal theft & fraud
  • Vendor kickbacks
  • Theft of trade secrets & intellectual property
  • Transport, cargo & freight theft
  • Government fraud, waste & abuse
  • Piracy & counterfeiting
  • cyber crime investigations


As a natural complement to undercover and surveillance services, our forensic services range from forensic accounting, technical and cyber analytics, fingerprint identification, identity theft and technical surveillance countermeasures.

Our experienced legal and research team utilize powerful databases in order to access and verify all obtainable information, case histories, compliance measurements, and confirm local, state and federal legal requirements.


Our investigators helped a state agency identify more than
$650 million in healthcare fraud by doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Using undercover operatives and other tactics, we uncovered and documented a 12-person theft ring in a warehouse of a major drugstore chain.