Background Screening

There are many good reasons to learn more about a prospective employee, tenant, business partner or a vendor before entering into a contractual obligation. All of our background checks contain an analytical review of all data compiled to ensure our clients receive only accurate and actionable reports.

Our background screening services can be tailored to include, but are not limited to, any of the following investigative elements:

  • Social Security number verification & address history
  • Driving record
  • Sex offender status
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal conviction records
  • County Civil Litigation Records
  • Federal Criminal Conviction Records
  • Federal Civil Litigation Records
  • Tax Lien & Judgment Report
  • Bankruptcy Fillings
  • UCC Tax Liens
  • Corporate Fillings
  • Professional License and Certification verification
  • “in the news” & Social media search
  • specific regulatory database search
  • Government watch lists

All our searches utilize legally compliant databases as well as services open only two licensed private investigators. We only conduct searches that are specific and necessary to the investigation, in order to comply with personal information protections within the law. Databases of applicable regulatory agencies can be utilized depending on the needs of the investigation.

Employee and executive screening

BCI pre-employment checks are the first line of defense and protecting your company, employees and assets by mitigating the risk for criminal activity, fraud embezzlement and abuse. They assist in protecting your business from negligent hiring, give you the information to make smart decisions, avoid costly mistakes by hiring the most qualified candidates, and mitigate potential legal and financial exposures.

Due dilegence

BCI can provide a thorough, discrete, legally compliant review on an individual or organization including document checks, criminal checks, field interviews, surveillance and other industry specific searches. Extensive due diligence investigations include reviews of criminal history, assets, civil litigation, judgments, financial history, past employment, education, and driving records, just to name a few.

Tenant Screening

Have confidence in your leasing decisions by using BCI to screen for high quality tenants. Knowing credit history, criminal history and litigation history can protect your real estate assets and avoid unwanted housing litigation.

Drug Screening

Conduct drug testing on perspective and current employees to maintain workplace productivity, protect your employees and customers, contain healthcare costs, and maintain a positive workplace.