Loss Prevention

Cash and merchandise can grow legs and walk away. Employees and customers can file claims for compensation that may not be as they seem. Losses don’t have to be part of your cost of doing business. BCI can help you mitigate risks, verify critical information, keep honest employees honest and uncover the dishonest ones.

Our loss prevention services can be tailored to include, but are not limited to, any of the following investigative elements:

  • Loss Prevention Assessments & Strategies
  • Piracy & Counterfeiting Detection
  • Electronic Monitoring & Analysis
  • Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Rights Enforcment


Using technology we developed, we were able to identify and
stop more than 3,000 illicit websites and storefronts that were
selling illegal, counterfeit products of a major manufacturer.
When a wholesaler became suspicious about a new controller,
we uncovered over $240,000 in embezzlement. With forensic
accounting, we helped the client recover almost everything.